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Retensa has over a decade of working with organizations to assess, design, develop and implement solutions to create workplaces that engage and inspire.


We design and develop training solutions that meet the specific needs of your organization. Our team creates interactive and engaging training and development programs. We are passionate about delivering a customized learning and development solution to help your business meet its goals.

Retensa Methods

By gathering data from multiple sources (i.e. surveys, interviews, focus groups) we can design and develop a customized training experience to fit your needs.





Action Oriented

Action Oriented







Skills For Managers and Leaders

Level 1 – Management Basics:

Creating a foundation for new and high-potential managers.

  • Your Role as a Manager
  • Communicating Powerfully with Presence and Purpose
  • Goal Setting & Productive Planning

Level 2 – Advanced Management:

Developing the skills to drive performance.

  • Mastering the Art of Delegation
  • Unlock Potential through Performance Management
  • Retention Skills Training for Managers
  • Directing Meetings that Drive Results
  • Project Management: Estimating, Managing and Delivering Projects

Level 3 – Management Excellence:

The leadership tools for creating a culture of engagement and inspiration.

  • Motivate & Develop: Building Talent Engagement
  • Using Brain Science for Inspired Leadership
  • Creating a Culture of Recognition

Professional Skills for Staff and HR Teams

Communication Management:

Skills that empower effective and impactful communication.

Relationship Management:

Create high performing teams by developing effective communication and collaboration.

Conflict Management:

Conflict is inevitable, we give you the tools to handle it successfully.

HR Management:

Hire the best employees and keep them at your organization.

Retention Skills Masterclass

Skills to engage and inspire at every stage of the Employee Life-Cycle:

  • Speak a common language to measure and increase performance
  • Assess the true costs and impact of losing top performers
  • Understand Who is leaving your organization and Why
  • Tools to address root causes of staff turnover

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