Workplaces that

Engage and Inspire

Retensa’s vision is to create workplaces where every employee is engaged by what they do and inspired by who they work for.

Your New Business Strategy: Talent Management

Organizations have undergone substantial workforce changes during the last 20 years in order to compete. The ability to attract, motivate, and retain employees has become a key component in developing a sustainable competitive advantage.

There are always opportunities for top performers. Leading companies create a culture that supports all valued employees, ensuring that “high-potentials” and core staff continue to be productive members of your company.

Retensa is dedicated to creating a culture of retention in every work environment.

Retensa Trainers and Expert Speakers

The ability to develop, motivate, engage, and expand the capabilities of employees is a skill that can be taught. The right training program provides tools that connect participants’ experiences to their behaviors to their results. Managers and leaders who participate in Retensa’s interactive (and often fun) exercises, practice new behaviors that create new results. When rooted in their experience, people will choose a different action when faced with the same challenge. Retensa trainers and speakers create experiences that transform participant’s perception of their talent management challenges, and therefore how they approach them.

Who are some of Retensa’s Expert Trainers and Speakers?

Chason Hecht

Area of Expertise

  • People and Culture
  • Workforce Technology
  • Talent Analytics & HR Metrics
  • Reducing Employee Turnover
  • Predicting Commitment & Measuring Loyalty

The global leader and innovator of employee retention strategies, and the world’s most recognized employee retention expert. Plus, he grows exotic fruits, and can name almost any 80’s song in 5 seconds or less.

Carol Ann Caccioppoli

Area of Expertise

  • Team Building Events
  • New Manager Training
  • Gender Communication
  • Diversity & Inclusion Training
  • Mentor/Mentee/Protégé Training

Training and development powerhouse that lights up every room. Unforgettable once you meet her, with more real-world experience than most 3 other people combined, if you don’t laugh in one of her courses, you are already dead.

Dana Small

Area of Expertise

  • Employee Engagement
  • Training Needs Assessments
  • Competency Models
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Exit Interviews

The employee survey expert that uncovers solutions hidden in the data. Dana knows how to unpack the relevant and actionable insights from the employee experience and how to be a nonstop mom of 3 rambunctious boys.

Da Yu

Area of Expertise

  • HR Metrics/Talent Analytics
  • Workforce Data Mining
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Predicting Turnover & Calculatng Cost

Talent analytics expert that predicts and prevents organizational risks, measures exposure, and reveals opportunities using artificial intelligence and statistical data mining. And yes, he does count cards, don’t tell Vegas.

Phyllis Rosen

Area of Expertise

  • High Potential / High Performer Coaching
  • Creating Safe & Strong Communication
  • Coaching as Leading
  • Career Counseling

Professional coach certified by the ICF and in Conversational Intelligence who enables leaders to build cultures that enhance the performance and trust across teams. And visits far-flung countries for dinner.

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