Training Options and Packages

How to Grow Your Leaders

Develop a highly engaged team of managers and leaders with the skills to inspire your workforce. We design programs to fit every budget.

Packages Details

Manager           Basics

What it includes:

  • 3 Manager Workshops
  • 1 Professional Skills workshop

4 Courses Total

Advanced Management

What it includes:

  • 4 Manager Workshops
  • 2 Professional Skills workshops

6 Courses Total

Management Excellence

What it includes:

  • 5 Manager Workshops
  • 2 Professional Skills workshops

7 Courses Total

Available Features:

Standard Features:

  • Live onsite training
  • Customized training curriculum
  • Unlimited participant email questions after/between courses
  • Program evaluation (participant reactions and learning)

Enhanced Features:

  • Pre-event webinar kickoff (outlining program goals and logistics)
  • Executive debriefs after each course
  • Post-event coaching calls with facilitator to reinforce learning

Advanced Features:

  • Behavioral work style assessments (DISC and others)
  • Manager 360-degree feedback assessment
  • One-on-one performance coaching for manager effectiveness

A la Carte Training

Any of your training courses can also be purchased individually to fit the needs of your teams and organization.

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