Impact Every Stage of the
Employee Life-Cycle

Retention Skills Training is designed to empower your managers and leaders with the tools to improve the employee experience and reduce turnover in your organization.


Unlock the hidden potential of individuals, leaders and teams in order to transform the culture.

With our Retention Skills Training
Your Organization will benefit from…

  • Increased fulfillment and morale among staff
  • Employees that are energized and motivated
  • A more connected and engaged workforce
  • A culture of trust, commitment and loyalty

Respond to the changing needs of your staff


Course Details

Participants will learn to attract, develop and retain employees by…

  • Understanding the needs, wants and expectations of staff at every stage of the employee-employer relationship
  • Gaining real-world tools to respond to employee needs and impact staff morale and engagement

Module 1

Understanding the new management models and the new workforce:

  • The Culture of Retention
  • Impact & Cost of Employee Turnover [Interactive Exercise]
  • Opportunities & Challenges of Your Workforce
  • Real data for Real insights [Interactive Exercise]
  • How do you retain employees?
  • The scientific approach to retaining employees
  • What metrics do we need to focus on? When are employees leaving?
  • Clearing the Space
  • Creating connection and reestablishing trust [Interactive Exercise]

Module 2

Predicting and Preventing Turnover:

  • WHY – Identifying Root Causes of Turnover
  • Root Cause Analysis [Interactive Exercise]
  • WHO – Who Is Leaving Your Company?
  • Identifying staff at-risk of leaving your organization [Interactive Exercise]
  • Talent Management Model: The Emergent Life-Cycle™ (ELC)
  • ELC Stage 1– Attraction
  • ELC Stage 2 – Recruitment
  • ELC Stage 3 – Expectancy
  • ELC Stage 4 – Formative Days [Interactive Exercise]

Module 3

Applying real-world motivation and retention techniques to engage and inspire your team:

  • ELC Stage 5 – Development
  • Identifying Strengths: Focus on strengths to gain trust, commitment and motivation [Interactive Exercise]
  • Communication and Conflict Styles
  • Communication Habits
  • Conflict Style Self-Assessment
  • Active & Empathetic Listening[Interactive Exercise]
  • Putting it all together: The secret ingredient to unlocking the needs, desires and goals of your workforce
  • Conversations to identify employee needs and goals [Interactive Exercise]

Module 4

Helping your organization grow by helping your people grow:

  • ELC Stage 6 – Growth Enablement
  • Coaching for Performance: Empowering employees to overcome obstacles and create their own solutions [Interactive Exercise]
  • The Art of Giving Feedback: Delivering feedback that increases performance[Interactive Exercise]
  • ELC Stage 7 – Work-life Actualization
  • Creating loyalty and commitment
  • ELC Stage 8 – Separation
  • Preserving relationships and intellectual capital [Interactive Group Exercise]

Leverage Best Practices

With changing needs, wants, and expectations of staff, today’s managers need insights to identify and address the root causes of employee turnover to engage and motivate top talent.
A Retention Strategy succeeds by identifying:

  • Who is most likely to resign?
  • What are the underlying reasons for why employees leave? And why they stay?
  • What is the true cost/impact of turnover?
  • How do we engage staff across generations and backgrounds?

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