Great employees are not born,
they are trained


Employee behavior shapes an organization’s culture.


These behaviors can either damage the culture or enhance it. Often, organizational leaders and staff are not equipped with the skills to create a culture that engages and inspires, leading to low morale, reduced productivity and employee turnover.

What if you could…

Energize your Employees
Energize your Employees
Energize and motivate your employees
Engage your Workforce
Engage your Workforce
Create a more connected and engaged workforce
Reduce Turnover
Reduce Turnover
Reduce turnover by up to 67% and retain top talent
Develop Managers
Develop Managers
Develop managers who are never someone’s reason to leave

Create an amazing workplace

A company culture where employees are motivated, engaged and productive does not happen by chance.

It happens with intention, collaboration, and by design.


For the past 19 years, workplaces all over the world are being transformed with the innovative interactive employee training from Retensa.


Create the workplace you want, the workplace you need, to exceed your goals.

Our courses are built to:

  • Increase engagement and commitment
  • Improve employee performance and productivity
  • Increase revenue
  • Retain top performers
  • Reduce turnover and turnover cost
  • Enhance Manager effectiveness
For Managers and Leaders

Management Skills
Gain real-world leadership tools and skills to engage and inspire your workforce

Retention Skills Training Program

For Staff and HR Teams

Skills to accelerate staff performance
Communication Management
Relationship Management
Conflict Management

HR Management
Recruit to Retain
Retention Skills

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